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Official Brawlhalla Logo as of 2014

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game created and developed by Blue Mammoth Games and published by Xaviant Games for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and PlayStation 4. It released as part of Steam's Early Access on April 30, 2014. An open beta was released in November 2015 before the full release was launched worldwide on October 17, 2017.

About[edit | edit source]

A 2D platform fighter where the best of the baddest-ass warriors in history battle each other in an eternal tourney of champions for bragging rights, infinite mead, and the pure pleasure of delivering a beatdown. Includes online 4 player free for all, team games, custom games, and local play options.

Modes[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are 5 available game modes in this game:

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