Thundergard Stadium

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Thundergard Stadium

Thundergard Stadium.jpg

Home To: Nobody
Sizes: Big

Thundergard Stadium is one of the Realms available in Brawlhalla. All three variations have the same theme of an audience and the same platform types.

Small Thundergard Stadium[edit | edit source]

Small Thundergard Stadium features two large boxes and a gap in the middle of the square platforms. However, there is another thin white platform connects the two and is able to be passed through.

Thundergard Stadium[edit | edit source]

Thundergard Stadium is a larger version of Small Thundergard stadium with no noticeable difference.

Big Thundergard Stadium[edit | edit source]

Big Thundergard Stadium is a extremely large variation of Thundergard stadium. Instead of just two square platforms, there are now three platforms with a smaller platform in the middle.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Small Standard Big
Thundergard Stadium Small.jpg Thundergard Stadium.jpg Thundergard Stadium Big.jpg