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Mallhalla Skins Tab

Skins can be purchased via Mallhalla for Coin Mammoth.png mammoth coins. They are unique to a Legend, and change how they look in game. All skins come with two unique Weapon Skins. They can be equipped at character select.

Legend Name Icon Cost Description Notes
SkinIcon Ada Classic.png
Fatal Error Ada SkinIcon Ada Code.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Enemy has encountered a problem and needs to surrender.
Technomancer Ada SkinIcon Ada Future.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Hack the planet!
DJ Ada SkinIcon Ada Hacker.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Neo-Industrial Techno Robo-Apocalypse mix track not included.
Wasteland Ada SkinIcon Ada Infected.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 MBFC engineered an apocalypse to stop her. It didn't take.
Vixen Ada SkinIcon Ada MsVixen.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The Queen of Salt: Ms Vixen! Champion of the first PJ Saltan of Stream 01/25/15
SkinIcon Asuri Classic.png
Awakened Asuri SkinIcon Asuri Awakened.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Over 9000 lives!
Cat Burglar Asuri SkinIcon Asuri Burglar.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Literally.
Lynx Asuri SkinIcon Asuri Lynx.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Lynx or riot!
Swashbuckler Asuri SkinIcon Asuri Corsair.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Seven seas, nine lives. Plenty of time.
SkinIcon Azoth Classic.png
Annihilator Azoth SkinIcon Azoth Metal.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 The future is set.
Bonus: Baneful eye glows with Azoth's expressions!
Baron Azoth SkinIcon Azoth Baron.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Roll those bones!
Deep One Azoth SkinIcon Azoth Octo.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Who says an octopus can't have a skeleton?
Lichlord Azoth SkinIcon Azoth Soulwarden.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The soul stones are assembled. The scourge of the living is unleashed once again.
SkinIcon Barraza Classic.png
Nemesis Barraza SkinIcon Barraza Green.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 They found a cure for death. It's in beta.
Razorback Barraza SkinIcon Barraza Warthog.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 This little piggy went to the market. And burned it down.
Sawed-Off Barraza SkinIcon Barraza Machine.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Good as new.
SkinIcon Bodvar Classic.png
Bear'dvar SkinIcon Bodvar Beardvar.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Some days, Bödvar Bearson takes after his dad.
Big Rig Bödvar SkinIcon Bodvar Trucker.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Ten-four, good buddy!
Champion of the Brawl Bödvar SkinIcon Bodvar Collector.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A <No description> Collectors Pack Exclusive
Cyber Bödvar SkinIcon Bodvar CyberViking.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Basking in the neon-glow of pillage and plunder.
Warchief Bödvar SkinIcon Bodvar StoneKnight.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A <No description> Odin's Chest Exclusive
SkinIcon Brynn Classic.png
Aesir-Forged Brynn SkinIcon Brynn Uber.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 When the sons of Ivaldi built Orion's armor, they were just getting started.
Cinderguard Brynn SkinIcon Brynn Guardian.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The Valkyrie notion of firefighters is a little...different.
Eternal Love Brynn
SkinIcon Brynn LoveStruck.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 Fall in love with her forever, and ever, and ever. Valhallentine's Event Exclusive
Fallen Brynn SkinIcon Brynn Fallen.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Better to reign in Brawlhalla...
Shieldmaiden Brynn SkinIcon Brynn Huntress.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Throwing down the old way. Shield not required.
SkinIcon Cassidy Classic.png
Cupcake Cassidy SkinIcon Cassidy Cupcake.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Just one more cupcake... Just 100,000 more... Ok 100,000K more...
Masked Hero Cassidy SkinIcon Cassidy Hero.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Who is that lone masked ma'am?
Serape Kid Cassidy SkinIcon Cassidy Serape.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 There's a snake on my boot!
High Noon Cassidy SkinIcon Cassidy Showdown.png Coin Mammoth.png 100 This town is a reasonable size for both of us, but I still don't want you in it.
Space Race Cassidy SkinIcon Cassidy Space.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 No space is safe for desperadoes on the run from Space Marshal Cassidy.
SkinIcon Diana Classic.png
Bitten Diana SkinIcon Diana Vampire.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Once bitten, twice died.
Shadowstalker Diana SkinIcon Diana NVG.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 It's the monsters who should be afraid of the dark.
Survivor Diana SkinIcon Diana Survivor.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 The dead walk the Earth. As fast as they can. In the other direction.
Wyrmslayer Diana SkinIcon Diana Dragoon.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Dragons are just like other monsters. Except they're bigger. Much much bigger...
SkinIcon Ember Classic.png
Grovewarden Ember SkinIcon Ember Druid.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 She's not from the heart of the Fangwild. She IS the heart of the Fangwild.
Holly Jolly Ember
SkinIcon Ember SantasHelper.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Stock. Brawlhallidays Event Exclusive
Nightshade Ember SkinIcon Ember Stealth.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 There's a lot that can kill you in the forest, but especially this.
Radiant Ember SkinIcon Ember High.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 As brilliant and deadly as the sun.
SkinIcon Gnash Classic.png
Jurassic Gnash SkinIcon Gnash MetalHead.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 You use what you've got. Gnash has a lot of these.
Mogar SkinIcon Gnash AH.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 Mogar lets his fists do the talking (and thinking) for him. They are quite clear.
Outback Gnash SkinIcon Gnash Safari.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 You call that a hammer? THIS is a hammer!
Pteranodon Gnash SkinIcon Gnash Pterodactyl.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Whatever you, don't tell him it doesn't actually make him fly.
Team Spirit Gnash SkinIcon Gnash Mascot.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 GNASH HAVE SPIRIT, YES HIM DO!
White Fang Gnash SkinIcon Gnash Wolf.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A <No description> Code / Ancient Chest Exclusive
SkinIcon Hattori Classic.png
Cutting Edge Hattori SkinIcon Hattori CyberNin.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Half-ninja, half-demon, half-robot, and enough attitude for all three halves.
Kill Thrill Hattori SkinIcon Hattori TrackJacket.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Only Hattori, The Bride, and Bruce can pull off this look.
Kitsune Hattori SkinIcon Hattori Cat.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 What does the ninja say?
Nightblade Hattori SkinIcon Hattori Shadow.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Strike from the shadows and fade into the night.
Oni no Hattori SkinIcon Hattori Oni.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Let Hattori's inner demon come out to play.
SkinIcon Jhala Classic.png
Orc Raider Jhala SkinIcon Jhala Orc.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The red paint makes her raid faster.
Speedmetal Jhala SkinIcon Jhala HeavyMetal.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 You can't kill the metal. The metal kills you.
Warlord Jhala SkinIcon Jhala Skull.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 She used to have many enemies. Now she has wicked armor.
SkinIcon Koji Classic.png
Demon Ogre Koji SkinIcon Koji Ogre.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The terror that could have been.
Ronin Koji SkinIcon Koji Ronin.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Wherever the winds and fortunes may take him. Apparently an early grave.
Shogun Koji SkinIcon Koji Bushido.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Forged in fire of war. Quenched in blood of enemies. Valhalla is home.
Tengu Koji SkinIcon Koji RedMask.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Ka kaw! Ka kaw!
SkinIcon Kor Classic.png
Armored Kor SkinIcon Kor Armor.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Haunting the castles and battlefields of yore.
Kor Wrecking LLC SkinIcon Kor Construction.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Without a full team, you're gonna get wiped.
Molten Kor SkinIcon Kor Molten.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Wreckage, demolition, and destruction. Fully bonded and insured.
SkinIcon LordVraxx Classic.png
Dark Matter Vraxx SkinIcon LordVraxx DarkMatter.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 The power of a dying star.
Bonus: Terrible Cosmic eye glows with Vraxx's expressions!
Supreme Ruler Vraxx SkinIcon LordVraxx Emperor.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 His Galactic Excellency, Eternal Glorious Conqueror, Peerless Great General, Alien of Deeds
Vraxx the King SkinIcon LordVraxx Rocker.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Wise men say, only foooools fight Vraxx.
Vraxx the Viking SkinIcon LordVraxx AlienViking.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Alien vikings DID have horns on their helmets, because aliens know what's cool.
SkinIcon Lucien Classic.png
Dark of Night Lucien SkinIcon Lucien Stealth.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Your money or your life. Or perhaps both?
Plague Doctor Lucien SkinIcon Lucien Plague.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Here to take your pain away...Forever.
Spec-Ops Lucien SkinIcon Lucien SpecOps.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 Tango down. I'm Oscar Mike for extract.
Bonus: Night vision goggles glow with Lucien's expressions!
Vive la Révolucien SkinIcon Lucien Napoleon.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Let them eat lead.
SkinIcon Orion Classic.png
Atomic Orion SkinIcon Orion Atomic.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Bzzt! Bleep! Blorp! Critical Mass Kicking Engaged!
Dark Age Orion SkinIcon Orion Knight.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Classic, old school Heavy Metal Thunder.
Harbinger Orion SkinIcon Orion DeathAngel.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 A herald, but of what?
Bonus: Augur Visor glows with Orion's expressions!
Metadev Orion SkinIcon Orion Metadev.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A <No description> Unobtainable through regular means.
See Metadev
Orion For Hire SkinIcon Orion SpaceTraveler.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 He'd collect his own bounty.
Bonus: Scarred Visor glows with Orion's expressions!
SkinIcon QueenNai Classic.png
Date Night Nai
SkinIcon QueenNai DateNight.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 She even likes the same bands you do.
Empress Nai SkinIcon QueenNai Headdress.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The sun never sets on its own empire.
Snake Charmer Nai SkinIcon QueenNai Charmer.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Don't look in her eyes, lest it be thine demise.
Snake Goddess Nai SkinIcon QueenNai SnakeGod.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Green on yellow, you're a dead fellow!
Tomb Tamer Nai SkinIcon QueenNai Explorer.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 She doesn't need pit traps or rolling rocks to win her fights.
SkinIcon Scarlet Classic.png
Sky Captain Scarlet SkinIcon Scarlet Captain.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Head to the sky, where only Air-Dreadnoughts and murderous Sky Pirates dare fly.
Steam Sentry Scarlet SkinIcon Scarlet BodyArmor.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Proper lab safety begins with goggles and ends with bulletproof armor.
Steam Tank Scarlet SkinIcon Scarlet Steam.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 No one hits harder than Scarlet when she has a head full of steam.
Steamsmith Scarlet SkinIcon Scarlet Grease.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 There's a first for everything, usually she made it.
SkinIcon Sentinel Classic.png
Gumshoe Sentinel SkinIcon Sentinel Gumshoe.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 He knows what lurks in the hearts of men, women, and evil aliens.
High Impact Sentinel SkinIcon Sentinel HighImpact.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Bullet-proof, flame-resistant, and death-ray reflective. Dry clean only.
Nightwatch Sentinel SkinIcon Sentinel NightWatch.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The gritty remake.
SkinIcon SirRoland Classic.png
Classy Roland
SkinIcon SirRoland Classy.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 A rose in his teeth, eleven more in his chest hair.
King Roland SkinIcon SirRoland King.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 We are all Britons. And I am your King.
Lion Rampant Roland SkinIcon SirRoland Lion.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Roland always repays his debts.
Match Point Roland SkinIcon SirRoland Club.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Pink? No no no, this shirt is clearly Salmon.
Roland the Hooded SkinIcon SirRoland Ranger.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Hoods are all the rage, very stylish, very "in."
The Mad King SkinIcon SirRoland AH.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 The King of evil schemes and mad experiments.
SkinIcon Teros Classic.png
Forgeheart Teros SkinIcon Teros Furnace.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A <No description> Odin's Chest Exclusive
Iron Legion Teros SkinIcon Teros IronBull.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Just like a bull in a china time, only more yelling.
Ready To Riot Teros SkinIcon Teros Punk.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Play it loud and tear it down!
Riftdweller Teros SkinIcon Teros Arcane.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Dwell long within the abyss, the abyss dwells within you.
Wreck The Halls Teros
SkinIcon Teros Reindeer.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 Who's the most famous now? Brawlhallidays Event Exclusive
SkinIcon Thatch Classic.png
Biker Thatch SkinIcon Thatch Biker.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Get your motor runnin' and head out for some brawlin'.
Castaway Thatch SkinIcon Thatch Castaway.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 HEY! HEY, CRABBIE! A SHIP! HEY! LOOK, LOOK, LOOOOOK!
Bonus: Crabbie animates with Thatch's expressions!
Cursed Gold Thatch SkinIcon Thatch Zombie.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 Cursed to roam the stormy seas for all eternity!
Secret Santa Thatch
SkinIcon Thatch Santa.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 Yo ho ho ho! Brawlhallidays Event Exclusive
Shark Attack Thatch SkinIcon Thatch Shark.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 You're gonna need a bigger boat.
SkinIcon Ulgrim Classic.png
Apprentice Ulgrim SkinIcon Ulgrim Young.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Ahh, to be 200 years young again.
Arcanium Ulgrim SkinIcon Ulgrim Stone.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Eternal stone and an everlasting arcane power. The best home security system.
Star Miner Ulgrim SkinIcon Ulgrim Cyber.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 In space, no one can hear you blasting asteroids for the best materials.
SkinIcon WuShang Classic.png
Seeker Wu Shang SkinIcon WuShang Temple.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 No greater force in heaven, on Earth, or the Tournament.
Wu Shang Kong SkinIcon WuShang Monkey.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Don't mistake patience and calm for weakness.
Wu Shang the Breaker SkinIcon WuShang Bender.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Tattoos, iron might, and a really great beard.