Sir Roland

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Sir Roland
Sir Roland.png
The Scarlet Lion
Strength Stats5.png Lance Icon.png
Dexterity Stats4.png
Defence Stats8.png Sword Icon.png
Speed Stats3.png
Gender: Male
Bot Name: Sir Rolbot
Store Price: Coin Gold.png 5,400
Store Description: An unstoppable knight with a beard so magnificent, even the gods took notice.

Sir Roland is one of the available characters in the game Brawlhalla.

Kings Pass and Sir Roland share the same English theme.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Scarlet Lion[edit | edit source]

"Have pity. Not all men thrust to center stage find they have the heart of Roland, nor the soul to do great deeds."
– Shakespeare, Henry IV part 3 (lost manuscript)
"How's my hair?"
– Lord Sir Roland Somerset Montgomery, Duke of the Three Isles, Lord of Havershant, Slayer of the Bilious Dragon, Protector of the Illythians, Victor of the Siege of Alsburg, Haver of a Great Beard, Defender of the Danes, Conqueror of Guilardia, Prince of the Glorious Summer of '14, Knight of the Order of the Exalted Lion, Honorary Abbot of Canterbury Cathedral, Champion of the City of Bath, Marshall of the Eastlands, Knight of the Crimson Buckle, Admiral of the Northern Seas, etc.

As the story goes...[edit | edit source]

As a young knight, bold Sir Roland vanquished the fabled Jade Knight, and for a brief moment his eyes pierced the veil between worlds. He beheld the Valkyrie Hypernia as she lifted up his defeated foe. Overcome by her beauty, Roland dedicated his life to gaining glory in hopes of seeing the Valkyrie again.

For the next fifty years, the proud, bullheaded and charming Roland won more victories, made more enemies and broke more hearts than any knight of his time. His single-handed storming of the Fortress of Alsburg inspired forty-seven epic ballads and a Lifetime miniseries. Bards wrote songs about the song her wrote commemorating his victory over the Bilious Fire Drake.

As an old man on his deathbed, Roland finally beheld Hypernia again. She could not allow a natural death to keep such a warrior from Valhalla, so, with a ghost of a smile, she punched him herself so he could die in battle and she could offer him a seat in the hall of glory.

No one in Valhalla feels a greater thirst for victory in the tournament than Sir Roland. He rejoices with every win and rages at every loss.

Signature Moves[edit | edit source]

Sword[edit | edit source]

Neutral Signature[edit | edit source]

Sir Roland covers his blade with golden energy and strikes upward.

Side Signature[edit | edit source]

Roland strikes in front of him twice.

Down Signature[edit | edit source]

Roland strikes the ground and launches four pillars of yellow flame in front of him on the ground.

Rocket Lance[edit | edit source]

Neutral Signature[edit | edit source]

Roland jumps up and jousts forward. A golden horse spirit surrounds him.

Side Signature[edit | edit source]

Roland jousts forward twice. The first strike launches the enemy into the second one, a diagonal poke.

Down Signature[edit | edit source]

Roland takes form of a yellow knight and jousts in front of him.

List of Skins[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Cost Description
Classy Roland
SkinIcon SirRoland Classy.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 A rose in his teeth, eleven more in his chest hair. Valhallentine's Event exclusive.
King Roland SkinIcon SirRoland King.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 We are all Britons. And I am your King.
Lion Rampant Roland SkinIcon SirRoland Lion.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Roland always repays his debts.
Match Point Roland SkinIcon SirRoland Club.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Pink? No no no, this shirt is clearly Salmon.
Roland the Hooded SkinIcon SirRoland Ranger.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Hoods are all the rage, very stylish, very "in."
The Mad King
SkinIcon SirRoland AH.png
Achievement Hunter
Coin Mammoth.png 200 The King of evil schemes and mad experiments.
King Knight
Epic Skin
SkinIcon SirRoland SKnight.png
Coin Mammoth.png 300 Always dressed to the nines and ready for a coronation!
This Skin Includes:
  • Signature FX Swaps
  • Legend Name and Icon Swaps
  • Custom Lock-In Animation
  • Two Weapon Skins

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