Rocket Lance

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Rocket Lance
Icon: Lance Icon.png

Rocket Lance is one of the Weapons used in the game Brawlhalla.

The Rocket Lance is with a rocket booster at the end of its hilt. Legends will often use the rocket for mobility purposed as well as attacking. This weapon is very useful for aerial combat.

Many Legends who use Rocket Lance have interstellar origins or are related to technology.

Kit[edit | edit source]

Ground Attacks[edit | edit source]

Neutral Light[edit | edit source]

The user jabs multiple time in front of them.

Side Light[edit | edit source]

The user propels them forward with a rocket blast. All enemies will be knocked slightly up if they come in contact with the tip.

Down Light[edit | edit source]

The user turns the lance around and blasts an enemy with the rocket exhaust. There is a small backwards recoil on this move.

Air Attacks[edit | edit source]

Neutral Air[edit | edit source]

The user flips around while releasing exhaust from the back of the lance.

Side Air[edit | edit source]

The user flies forward while jousting.

Down Air[edit | edit source]

The user flies diagonally down while jousting.

Recovery[edit | edit source]

The user charges up energy. The longer the charge time, the further the user will fly. the user will hover in place while charging this move. If an enemy comes into contact with the lance while flying, the enemy will continue in the user's original trajectory while the user fall.

Ground Pound[edit | edit source]

The user flips over the lance and tries to pound an enemy. If it hits, then the base of the rocket lance will release exhaust, causing the enemy to be launched down.

Legends that use Rocket Lance[edit | edit source]

Legend Primary Secondary
Orion Lance Icon.png Spear Icon.png
Lord Vraxx Lance Icon.png Blaster Icon.png
Sir Roland Lance Icon.png Sword Icon.png
Scarlet Hammer Icon.png Lance Icon.png
Ulgrim Axe Icon.png Lance Icon.png
Artemis Lance Icon.png Scythe Icon.png
Vector Lance Icon.png Bow Icon.png