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The Mysterious Stranger
Strength Stats4.png Lance Icon.png
Dexterity Stats6.png
Defence Stats6.png Spear Icon.png
Speed Stats6.png
Gender: Male
Bot Name: Orbot
Store Price: Coin Gold.png 2,300
Store Description: A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Ivaldic battle armor. Here he is called Orion.

Orion is one of the available characters in the game Brawlhalla. His weapons are Rocket Lance and Spear.


The Mysterious Stranger

"Sir Roland swears Orion is the Gold Knight he never slew. Bodvar insists he is Thor in disguise. Gnash believes he is a magic rock monster. Lucien is moved to incoherent rage at the sight of him. I don't care who he is, I just want to take him apart and see how he works."
– Scarlet
"Here, I am called Orion. "
– Orion

As the story goes...

Watching from the doors of Valhalla, Bodvar, Cassidy and the other legends saw a blazing trail of smoke cut across the Asgardian sky. Behind the fiery comet, a Valkyrie raced in pursuit, as though trying to stop the fireball as it plunged into the fields of Folkvangr in a gout of dirt and flame. The legends then watched as Valkyries and emissaries of Odin gathered around the smoking crater.

Weeks later, the sons of Ivaldi, the same dwarven smiths who had forged Odin's spear, quietly appeared in Asgard, they bore a suit of dazzling golden armor and presented it to the gods themselves. Soon after, the mighty Orion joined the feast halls of Valhalla.

Tentative and aloof at first, Orion soon warmed to the great hall and is now among it's greatest warriors and most popular champions. Orion does not speak of his past, and other legends can only speculate. But Valkyries stop by his chambers to ask if he wants to, "you know, hang out or whatever, no big deal." He is the only hero seen to leave Asgard from time to time.

List of Skins

Name Icon Cost Store Description Notes
Dark Age Orion SkinIcon Orion Knight.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 Classic, old school Heavy Metal Thunder.
Harbinger Orion SkinIcon Orion DeathAngel.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 A herald, but of what?
Bonus: Augur Visor glows with Orion's expressions!
Atomic Orion SkinIcon Orion Atomic.png Coin Mammoth.png 80 Bzzt! Bleep! Blorp! Critical Mass Kicking Engaged!
Orion For Hire SkinIcon Orion SpaceTraveler.png Coin Mammoth.png 200 He'd collect his own bounty.
Bonus: Scarred Visor glows with Orion's expressions!
Kabuto Orion SkinIcon Orion Kabuto.png Coin Mammoth.png 140 The samurai spirit soars in battle!
Corsair Orion SkinIcon Orion Corsair.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A N/A Skysail Chest exclusive.
Crossfade Orion SkinIcon Orion Crossfade.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A N/A Brawl City Chest exclusive.
Atlantean Orion
SkinIcon Orion Atlantean.png
Holiday Exclusive
Coin Mammoth.png 140 Fierce protector of deep sea mysteries.
Black Knight
Epic Skin
SkinIcon Orion SKnight.png
Coin Mammoth.png 300 The Yin to Shovel Knight's Yang.
This Skin Includes:
  • Signature FX Swaps
  • Legend Name and Icon Swaps
  • Custom Lock-In Animation
  • Two Weapon Skins
Metadev Orion SkinIcon Orion Metadev.png Coin Mammoth.png N/A N/A Unobtainable through regular means.
See Metadev


  • In very early versions of Brawlhalla, Orion's name was Völst
  • Orion is a hated legend in some communities due to his easily abusable signatures. The phrase "Yellow Man Bad" has been created to express discontent towards Orion players.

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