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Metadev skins are rare items that can not be obtained in-game or through any DLC. These skins can only be distributed by a Brawlhalla developer.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Developers will occasionally distribute codes during the "Bigaway" of a Dev Stream. There is always a small chance of winning the giveaway to obtain a code, so owning one is an achievement in itself.

Another method is to receive the code directly from a Dev after meeting one in person, hence the name "Met A Dev." Each unique code is written on a collectors' card for the recipient to keep, however, redistribution is not prohibited.

Lifecycle[edit | edit source]

After a Metadev is in circulation for about a year, it gets discontinued, and a new Legend gets a Metadev skin. New codes for old Metadevs will not be generated, but unredeemed codes will still work. Discontinued Metadevs will remain unavailable indefinitely.

List of Skins[edit | edit source]

Name Icon
Metadev Asuri SkinIcon Asuri Metadev.png
Metadev Bödvar SkinIcon Bödvar Metadev.png
Metadev Brynn SkinIcon Brynn Metadev.png
Metadev Ember SkinIcon Ember Metadev.png
Metadev Orion SkinIcon Orion Metadev.png