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Information on this page is subject to change, and may not be 100% accurate at any given time.

The Brawlhalla Dev Streams are live streams hosted by the official Brawlhalla Twitch account. The stream is live Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at times specific to that day. Each stream lasts for one hour on average.

The Dev Stream schedule is as follows, however, occasion delays and cancellations do occur.

Day Time (EST) Topic
Monday 5:00pm Highlights from Brawlhalla Esports and pro player guests.
Tuesday 1:00pm Big Reveals and updates.
Friday 1:00pm Play a Dev.

Community Colors[edit | edit source]

During the stream, Twitch bot account "ProBrawlhalla" will randomly select users who are watching the stream every 7 minutes. Every chosen user will receive a steam code that will award them a Community Colors or "CCs" to be used for any and every Legend. These codes are distributed somewhat immediately.

ProBrawlhalla will only make selections while the stream is live. ProBrawlhalla cannot be manipulated to favor any user's odds of winning. However, in some cases, ProBrawlhalla cannot whisper the code due to the winner's privacy settings. One way to avoid this is to simply follow the ProBrawlhalla account.

"Bigaway"[edit | edit source]

The Bigaway, or big giveaway, is a giveaway that occurs at the very end of every Dev Stream. This giveaway does not have ProBrawlhalla randomly choose a viewer, and instead requires an entry. Winning the Bigaway will award the winner a cosmetic item as well as CCs via a steam code distributed sometime after the stream ends.

During this giveaway, every user viewing the stream is placed in a list. Once the giveaway starts, all the users' names will scroll on screen before stopping on a single name. That user will be given 55 seconds to type something in chat. Anything message can be sent, as long as the message complies with chat settings. Once the message is sent, that user wins the Bigaway, and the stream comes to a close. If the user does not send a chat message, the win is forfeited, and the Bigaway will be run again until someone wins.

Before the Bigaway starts, extra names of Devs, "B names", or the letters "PPGAK" are manually added to the list. If the name of any Dev that may be watching the stream, Moobot, or any of the manually added names is selected, they will not be awarded anything. Instead, the Bigaway will be run twice and there will be two winners instead of one. Additional winners are chosen for every time one of these names is selected.

All Bigaway winners will receive the same prize after the stream.