Collectors Pack

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Collectors Pack
Collectors Pack Header.jpg
Type: DLC
Cost: $99.99 USD
Items in Pack: 7

The Brawlhalla Collectors Pack is DLC available for the game Brawlhalla. This Pack includes Coin Mammoth.png 3500, the All Legends (Current and Future) Pack, and several Pack-Exclusive items.

Items[edit | edit source]

Name Image
Coin Mammoth.png 3500 Many Coins.png
All Legends
(Current and Future)
Every Legend Banner.jpg
Asgardian Elite Skin Set
(Current Weapons and Future)
Asgardian Elite Emblem.png
Champion of the Brawl Bödvar Skin Champion of the Brawl Bodvar.png
Flames of Ragnarok KO Effect KO FlamesOfRagnarok.gif
Collectors Edition Nameplate Collectors Nameplate.png
Steampunk Sidekick Bot Steampunk.png