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Brawl of The Week is one of the online [Gamemodes present in the game. In this game mode, different modifications are put every week by the developers. The bonus of this game mode is that the winners get Coin Gold.png 300. The prize, however, can only be claimed once per week by each player. After one week, the modifications are changed and the prize is recharged, ready to be claimed again.

Modifications[edit | edit source]

  • Double KO Mania: In this mode, the damage dealt by players is set to 300%, which basically means that it is much easier to KO opponents. Players will fight 2v2, and each one of them has 5 stocks (lives). The first team to take down the other players five times each wins.
  • Ghosts in the Terminus: 3 player FFA, in this mode the players need to kill each other while they jump in and out of invisibility. Using light and strong attacks reveals the player, and jumping leaves dust behind that might reveal your position. Also, players deal 300% more damage than usual. At the end of the match, when time runs out, the player that has the most points wins.
  • KO Mania: Just like the one above, KO mania sets damage to the crazy amount of 300%. Players will fight 1v1, and each one of them has 5 stocks. The first player to KO the other player five times, wins.
  • Platform King: Who is the platform king? 4 Players face off on a map with 6 platforms. Stay on the red platform to score points. Hit your opponents to keep them from scoring. The platforms also move around the map, which makes moving around more difficult. The player with the most points at the end of a 2-minute timer wins.
  • Team Strikeout: In this mode, you and a teammate must pick 3 Legends of your choice and fight against 2 other players that also chose 3 Legends of their choice, and each time a player loses a stock, they switch characters corresponding to the ones they have picked before. Kill your opponents 3 times each to win.
  • Switchcraft 2v2: In this game mode, you will be fighting 3 stock 2v2, but it isn't just that, of course. Before the match begins, players must choose 3 Legends from the ones they have available. The catch here is that every weapon and signature move will be swapped randomly, for instance: If you choose Queen Nai, Dusk and Ada, as soon as you pick up a weapon with Nai, you might grab Dusk's Orb or Ada's pistols. When you die, you switch legends and they switch weapons, so you might play Dusk with Ada's spear or Nai's katars. It is totally random, and, of course, the Legend you are playing will never use a weapon of their own set. The team that kills their opponents 3 times first, wins.
  • Betrayal! : In this game mode, the player fights two other players in an FFA 3-minute match, with 2 points won for each KO and 1 lost for being KO'd, after these 3 minutes, whoever gets more points wins the match.
  • Strikeout Mania: In this game mode, you must pick 5 Legends of your choice and fight against a single opponent, but the damage dealt by the players is at a cap of 300%. First to finish his opponent's 5 stocks wins.

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